Uniblue RegistryCleanerKit

Uniblue RegistryCleanerKit

Excellent tool to keep your Windows registry clean and your system stable
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RegistryCleanerKit may save your computer from clogging up and even crashing by cleaning up your Windows registry from all those unnecessary entries left behind when installing and uninstalling software programs, among other things. All these processes fill up your registry with obsolete and broken entries that slow down your system, especially at startup.

RegistryCleanerKit takes good care of one of the most sensitive elements of your operating system. Actually, your Windows registry is such a sensitive record that it is advisable not to play around with it too often. Actually, I would recommend using RegistryCleanerKit (or any other similar tool for that matter) only if you are experiencing serious problems with your system’s performance speed or stability. Scanning your registry regularly to check its health won’t do it any harm though, and that is a very advisable thing to do to prevent excessive accumulation of garbage entries. RegistryCleanerKit will perform lightning-fast scans that will detect even the smallest threat to your system’s stability.

The resulting errors are then neatly categorized into three sections – system-related errors (that affect all users), user-related errors (exclusive to your Windows account), and third party-related errors (derived from the programs installed on your PC). You can expand these three categories into a more detailed report, where all the issues found are then further classified according to their type (invalid file associations, ActiveX- and OLE-related issues, file extensions, invalid shortcuts, etc.). Once you have registered your copy, the program will fix all the found errors and problems in a snap. Regrettably, the program won’t allow you to fix them in a selective way, though you always have the possibility of adding those entries you want to leave untouched to an “ignore list” manually.

The program comes with a very interesting freebie – a copy of Uniblue’s SystemTweaker, which will allow you to customize your Windows settings in a comfortable and simple way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Lightning-fast scan process
  • Categorizes all the errors found and produces clear reports
  • Allows you to undo any changes made
  • Includes an “ignore list” for you to customize the cleaning process
  • Comes with “SystemTweaker”, a free tool to customize your Windows settings


  • Does not allow you to select specific errors to fix
  • The trial version fixes only 15 Windows registry errors
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